How do I make Pokemon birthday invitations my child will like?

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Kids are hard. Their tastes change more than their underwear. Some days they like broccoli, and some days they don't. And some days they want to have a Pokémon birthday party. That sounds like a great idea unless you don't live anywhere near a giant party store. In that case, you'll have to improvise.

The first important thing to know is that you should never underestimate the power of poster board! All you need are a few sheets of red and white poster board and a black marker, and you're halfway there. You can't beat the price point either. With poster board running at less than $1 per sheet, it's a great choice for crafting and do-it-yourself projects (like this one!).

The second important thing to know is that before you can even have a party, you have to have invitations. No one will come if they're not invited. Luckily, a Pokemon birthday invitation is easy to make and awesome to receive. You're going to make an opening PokeBall. There will be one circle in the back and each color of the PokeBall will be separate pieces glued at the top and bottom of the ball and will open up to reveal the party details!

What you'll need is: red and white poster board, pencil, black marker, glue, scissors, ruler or other straight edge, and small, child-sized bowl and quarter to trace.

First, put the bowl upside-down on the white poster board, outline with pencil, and then cut them out. You'll do as many of these as there are invitations. These will be the back/inside.

Next, using the same bowl, trace half as many circles as invitations in pencil as well. When you cut these out, cut them in half. They'll be part of the outside.

Now, this part is a little trickier. Back to the white, you're going to make as many circles as invitations again. This time when you trace, you should trace a faint pencil line across the middle of the circle and outline the quarter in the middle of the circle. It should look a bit like a Pokeball. When you cut it out, you need to leave about 1/4 inch above the halfway line. Cut halfway around the circle into the 1/4 inch excess. That will leave you with a little tab. It will tuck into the red piece, creating a neat, little closure.

When everything is cut out, you'll glue the top of each half to the top and bottom of the whole circle. The next step is to trace everything in black marker to clean up your lines and give it an authentic, cartoon look.

Congratulations, you did it. A Pokemon birthday invitation made just by you.. All you have to do is write the who, what, when, where, and why inside and BOOM! Birthday party! If you're looking at this thinking, it could really be more fabulous, whoa. Slow down. This is an amazing invitation already, but if you must, it can be jazzed up a little. If you want to take it over the top, print out some pictures of Pokémon and glue them to the inside via a strip of accordion folded paper, and POW! They go to open the invitation and WHAM! Pikachu! Oh, and a birthday party.

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